Future Cop

I wrote a story about a cop who has visions of deaths that are about to take place. You can read it here.

“I saw it. Like a vision.” I say, “I saw it happen, and I stopped it.”
“What, you saw them run over a kid and then you stopped it from happening?”
“Like Tom Hanks.”
I laugh, “Yeah, I’m goddamn Tom Hanks. Future cop.”

Heaven and Back

I’ve been doing plenty of writing recently, though I have been very bad about actually finishing anything. But today I put my writer pants on and got a story DONE, which you can read here.

Martha, Steven’s mother, took her prescribed antidepressants all at once. She woke, bleary, in an ambulance. Joshua, Steven’s father, held her hand tightly. Steven sat impassive in a corner that Martha could barely see. An EMT told Martha she’d be all right, and then she stopped breathing.

A new short story: Mercy

It’s been a while, but I finally wrote another short story. You can check it out here! November is National Novel Writing Month and though I haven’t got the time to go all-out this year, I definitely intend to get some additional¬†writing done before the month is through.

He leans in close, and I can feel his control slipping in the venomous tone of his words and even more distinctly in the crushing pressure that’s now being exerted upon my neck. It’s taking every modicum of my will to suck in these wheezing breaths. “It’s been very, very old for a very fucking long time. All you do is hurt people, do you realize that? When is it going to stop?”