Nanopineapple 2018

During November 2018 I participated in NaNoWadMo, a challenge inspired by NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Where NaNoWriMo has participants drafting a fifty-thousand-word novel in thirty days, NaNoWadMo has participants performing a very different feat, comparable in difficulty: NaNoWadMo is all about creating a megawad – a single package of typically twenty-seven or thirty-two maps, depending on specifically what game the maps are for – in thirty days. I made a thirty-two map megawad for Doom 2! In December, I fixed some problems and added some polish, and then on New Year’s Day I made the most recent and likely final release.

Check out the Nanopineapple 2018 post on the Doomworld forums to find download links and other information about the megawad:

Screenshot of MAP25 of Nanopineapple 2018Screenshot of MAP25 of Nanopineapple 2018, “Mt. Brimstone”.
Screenshot of MAP06 of Nanopineapple 2018.Screenshot of MAP06 of Nanopineapple 2018, “Corridor Horror”.
Screenshot of MAP04 of Nanopineapple 2018.Screenshot of MAP04 of Nanopineapple 2018, “Courtyard”.